Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Party's Over

I just got back from having a four-day blast at RWA National. There's something about being surrounded by a thousand writers--or was it the luscious non-stop array of chocolates... Words always fly when you get so many writers together in one place.

The best part was getting to meet so many people and having the chance to put a face to the emails. Finally getting to meet one of my publishers, Leanne Burroughs of Highland Press, was one such instance. I somehow managed to turn it into both a Kodak and MasterCard moment, as well. Picture me sitting at a small table with Colleen Gleason, a wonderful gal from Michigan, when two women approach me. The older one hands me a book and asks me to sign it. I, of course, ask what name I should put on the book. She smiles and says, Leanne. There was a thirty-second lag from when my ears sent my brain the message until I realized who was standing there. The book flew into the air and landed on poor Colleen. I never found the pen. Like a Jack-in-the-box, I exploded into Leanne's arms to hug her. Then I asked if the other woman was her daughter. At that point, I stuffed my second foot into my mouth. The other woman turned out to be Amber Wentworth, another terrific writer I'd never met. Duh! Thank God, I only had two feet to stuff in my mouth.

Meeting one of my favorite romance authors, Linda Howard, was another highlight. She is such a down-t0-earth gal with the sweetest southern accent. Talk about north and south--don't forget, I have a pretty strong New York accent.

I could go on for days just retelling what a dynamite time I had. Gina Ardito and I never had so much fun. I can hardly wait until Nashville.

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