Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back From National

Well, I'm back from National where I had a blast. Didn't know I could run on 3 hours a sleep a night. Wouldn't advocate doing it for long, though, since you pay for it later on-- big time! I've been dragging myself to my day job and sitting in a comatose haze wondering which day the week I was up to. However, I wouldn't have missed going to National for the world. Most of the people I hobnobbed with her just like me the same goals to be a great writer. There's no other place like a RWA National to find that. Just to rub shoulders with the greats like Nora Roberts and Linda Howard, just to name two of my favorites, was just as good as being in a chocolate factory.
Unfortunately, now I'm back to normal, which means I'm home and inundated with a ton of work that needs to be completed and done. But for five days, I had the time of my life

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