Friday, November 19, 2010

Today's Tip

For today's tip, I came across something on a webite, I normally use for computer help. had something interesting for those writers interested in several myths and heroes. It was presented by Amanda, one of their bloggers who always suggests new websites for readers od WS. I recommend this site for anyone who owns a computer, however here's an example of their general interest side:

WorldStart.Com Computer Tips & Help
Tip #7145 - In Search of Myths and Heroes
In Search of Myths and Heroes

This site focuses on four myths: the Queen of Sheba, Shangri-la, King Arthur, and Jason of the Argonauts. I arrived here via the page on Jason, but you can select any of the four myths to start with.

After selecting a myth to explore, you'll be taken to the main page for myths. Pick the myth you want to explore again, or explore one of the other two sections: Myth & Archetypes or What is a Myth?

When you explore a myth you'll find a text version of the myth, a video you can watch that tells part of the myth (I enjoyed watching each of the videos they hired excellent storytellers to do the myth retelling), and if you click the images on the side of the page you'll be taken to further information on the myth. Each picture goes to the same place so you only have to click one.

Myth & Archetypes – this section will teach you what an archetype is and how it applies to myths.

What is a Myth? – this section explains what exactly a myth is.

After you've explored all the myths on the site why don't you try your hand at the Living Legends Quiz! I think that not only is this quiz fun to take, but it shows you just exactly how these myths have transcended time and are still present in our culture today.

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