Monday, March 21, 2011

REVERIE is on sale today

REVERIE came out today at Lyrical Press

Along with the 5 Diamond review it has already got from Martha Andrews at Got Erotic Romance, Reverie just received another great review from Stesha at Sensual Reads. Com

Sensual Reads. Com

"Paris suddenly turns perilous for Nikki O'Connell when a ghost mistakes her for his long-lost wife."
Nikki O’Connell is a conflicted woman. Successful as a journalist, her personal life is less so. She knows she is in love with her psychologist boyfriend Jonathan, but she is reluctant to share with him the issues of her past, and she is unsettled by his over commitment to his profession. Nikki is also troubled by her severe mood swings, and fears she may have inherited a madness gene from her late mother.
After another no-show by Jonathan at an important event, Nikki decides they need a break and heads off alone to Paris—a city where her parents were happy for the last time before their untimely deaths when Nikki was a little girl.
Almost immediately upon arrival at her rented Paris flat, Nikki begins to experience vivid dreams of a bearded man making love to her, and her sudden ability to play a certain piece of piano music called Reverie. Unnerved by the events, but convinced it’s all imagination, she strikes up a brief friendship with a charming Frenchman named Robert.
Jonathan soon arrives in Paris, determined to make things right with the woman he loves. After a brief misunderstanding, Nikki admits to Jonathan the peculiar series of events that is happening to her. Jonathan is skeptical, but soon eerie things make him realize that Nikki, as well as himself, are being haunted.
Nikki and Jonathan set out to solve the paranormal episodes happening to them, and soon discover that the former owner of the flat, Claude Debussy, an outrageous, womanizing, composer, still inhabits the flat and has mistaken Nikki for his beloved wife, Emma. It also becomes apparent that Claude may have had a hand in the mental breakdown of Nikki’s mother, as well. But as the paranormal activities increase, both Nikki and Jonathan soon realize that Nikki’s life is in grave danger from Claude Debussy.
Reverie is an interesting little ghost story, inside of a mystery, inside of a romance. The character of Nikki is an intriguing one. She is a woman searching for self-discovery. I liked her immediately. Jonathan, though, is rather perplexing. His intentions toward Nikki are good, but his over dedication to his profession and his patients make him a bit unlikeable. The relationship he shares with his patient, Alicia, is downright bizarre. The minor character of Robert is superfluous; I could have done without him completely. Still, Candace Gold gives us an intriguing story with a clever mystery that ties up very nicely by the end. Ms. Gold also offers her readers an exceptional guided tour through the streets of Paris. Overall, a very lovely read.
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About the Book:
Genre: paranormal
Page Count: 118
Price: $ 4.50
Reviewer: Stesha

Sensuality Rating: Sensuous
Star Rating: 4 Stars
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