Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bright, Shiny...Gadgets

I used to be a pen freak. (to a certain extent, I still am) Pens that were different and eye appealing, or those that wrote smoothly, caught my eye. It became an obsession and I had to have it. My younger son saved up his allowance and bought me a gold Cross pen for my birthday. He wanted me to sign my first book contract with that pen and happily I did. Now my house has drawers and containers full of pens--many of which still write. I also have a keychain and mug collection denoting places I've been. However, when technology entered my life I was a goner. I have five laptops, ( maybe 3 work right, but I can't part with them) one netbook,( had 2, but gave the one that needed a new battery to my daughter-in-law) two PCs that actually work, (hubby uses one), a Nook, several MP3s, and an iphone. I'm almost certain that I'm leaving several items out and that's my point. I really don't have the time to use my Nook if I'm listening to a story and vice versa. However, I wouldn't be without either. I'm obsessing about getting an iPad2, but I think my husband might commit me if I actually got one. He doesn't understand my need to be able to download my email from anywhere. That's why on our last vacation, when my netbook stopped working wirelessly, I had to find the nearest Best Buy and replace it. (Just for the record the sales help in Kissimmee are very nice and helpful.) Okay, the Kindle Fire looks really good. And my library now lends out Kindle ebooks as well as the epubs...

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