Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Now available at ARe

RAPED BY THE LAW is now available at ARe.

Sandy Greene’s life is routine. She’s a nurse working in a busy pediatrician’s office, married to a wonderful guy named Ed. The only thing she’d change if possible is Ed’s job because it sometimes takes him away on business trips.  Otherwise, Sandy considers herself to be one very lucky and definitely, happy, camper. Until one night…


Sandy is stopped on her way home by a traffic cop. She pulls over and the cop demands she get out of the car.  She doesn’t understand why and refuses, but he threatens to arrest her for resisting. She’d forgotten her cell phone that morning and doesn’t want to miss her husband’s call, so she hopes that if she complies, it will hurry things along. Instead of giving her a ticket for speeding, the cop forces her into the back of his cruiser and takes her to a desolate area.  


That night Sandy’s entire world is turned inside out and she learns a very terrible truth.  Not all policemen protect and uphold the law. 

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